Pet Portraits Three. Pricing

Plain Background                                        Detailed Background

The size of the canvas you choose depends on your personal preference and the area you plan to hang it. My most common sizes are 12"x16" or 16" x 20". I find that they fit very nicely in most homes. Canvases of course come in an almost endless variety of sizes. Below is a basic price list of common sizes. Your canvas can be any size you choose. I have yet to be asked to do a portrait 6 feet tall. But it could happen.

​​First I will need some photos to work from. Before beginning the painting process I will make a rough digital representation of your portrait for your approval. In this manner we can both be in agreement as to what the final portrait will look like. ( Please see Portraits Page Two for suggestions on picking the best original photos.) I do not consider an order to be on the schedule until I actually have the approved layout and deposit. I require a 40% deposit by credit card, cash, check or paypal, before I can begin work on your order.  On average I need two to four weeks for each portrait. If I know I have a lot of orders lined up I will alert you ahead of time. The winter holidays get booked up way ahead of time. Best to place orders early if at all possible.

On completion, before applying the archival varnish, I will send you a picture of your finished portrait for your approval.

Sadly Illinois customers will be charged  sales tax. This is where all of us from Illinois roll our eyes. I feel your pain.

Shipping, Pickup, or Delivery

Most of my clients pick up their portraits from my studio in Skokie.  If shipping your portrait is required, I will pack, weigh and price  according to your area. Shipping is generally between $15 and $25 depending on the size, weight and shipping location. I usually use UPS. They do a nice job, and so far, have been unfailingly fast and reliable for me.

8"x10"       Head      $180               Full Body      $220

12x16        Head      $230               Full Body      $280

16"x20"     Head      $290               Full Body       $350

20"x24"     Head      $365               Full Body        $425

Below is a short list of basic prices based on a simple background, canvas size and head shot or full body. On average it takes 18 to 48 actual painting hours to complete a portrait with a simple background. I pay very, very close attention to detail  resulting in highly precise and realistic portraits. Significantly more time consuming than a sketch type of portrait. If you want a more detailed background, for instance, setting your guy in your living room on a chair by the fireplace, there is an additional charge. I price each portrait on a case by case basis. Depending on how long I think it will take over and above the basic price list. Usually a more detailed background can take one to two additional days of work. Also the addition of another pet will cost somewhat more.

Sometimes clients want a single portrait including more than one pet, but getting them to smile for the camera, sitting politely  next to each other is, let's say, unlikely. Not a problem-- If you provide a variety of photos, I can combine and create a portrait with all of the household members in harmony.  I created the paintings above from  separate photos in each case.