Don't let this happen to a furry friend that you love. Don't delay because the holidays are fast approaching. Turn those little furry frowns upside down. If you do they'll promise not to pee on the floor all day today. Puts smiles like these on you little friends faces. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

Poor Brutus talked to reporters just this week saying "The poodle next door has a large portrait of herself painted by Laura Luisa Cowell over the living room sofa. All I get is my picture on facebook. Over and over and over again."

Once again this holiday season, thousands of pets will be forced to go without. While other pets have beautiful hand painted portraits of themselves proudly hanging in the living room of their homes, many many others stare at a blank spot where their portrait should have been. Tiny little tears running down their sweet faces.

It Will Make You Weep